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Choral Music

With a compositional voice rooted deep in the classics, Sandford infuses his choral works with a modern vibrancy that masterfully paints text with music. Against a traditional harmonic backdrop his love of subtle dissonance places his music clearly in the 21st century. Where his music truly shines is in the treatment of text. Read more.


A childhood immersed in hymnody merged with a classical composition background to create something Craig calls “contemporary sacred” music—somewhere between classical sacred and contemporary Christian. Available via streaming, CD purchase, or sheet music purchase, Craig's songwriter repertoire is devotional in nature, inviting peaceful reflection, participation, and worship.

  • “Sandford's work is hauntingly beautiful and expertly crafted to support the texts he chooses to set. His music is a gift to both the mind and the soul; interesting to listen to and emotionally touching. Performing his music is a cathartic experience, and the very nature of his evocative style has a way of bringing an ensemble together.”

    — Amelia, student performer

  • “Listening to Craig’s music is exciting, peaceful, joyous and soothing. His compositions take you on a journey-the music pulling you along as it captures the lyrics and weaves it’s magic. His use of rhythm and intricate chords accentuate the complexity of the words he has chosen to set to music....As a performer, I have been moved to tears or wanted to leap across the stage in joy as the essence of the lyrics he is setting to music come alive. "

    -- Heather, adult performer

  • Love is Patient, Love is Kind is a poem strengthened by the power of tension and release in Craig’s composition. Fueled by the meaning of the words, the song left a powerful impact on me to say the least....I have never sung a song that has made my voice feel more powerful, nor have I sang a song that has made me feel more connected to the other singers in the ensemble."

    --Lois, student performer

  • "Sandford's style ranges from delicate to fierce....His music is unique in style and raw in emotion, allowing the performer to effortlessly connect....[His] music encourages us to look at a text in a new light." --Laura, student performer
  • “I’ve been blessed to sing two Craig Sandford choral pieces “Love is Patient” and “Hold!”. Craig’s music is lyrical and transcendent, especially for the singers themselves. Both pieces resonate deeply with the human longing to be connected with others: to care for others and in turn be cared for by them." --Ted, adult performer
  • Craig Sandford’s music is powerful and deep. He is able to create moving pieces of music that are light but at the same time full of depth. His use of Scripture in music allows the singer to be fully immersed in the word of God, and for me that made the music all the more meaningful to sing.” — Marina, student performer

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