Commissioning a piece of new music is a gift:

  • a gift to the composer whose creative work you are supporting,
  • a gift to the ensemble who has the privilege of birthing that music,
  • a gift to the audience who will hear something no audience has heard before,
  • a gift to the greater choral community who will have new work to perform once the commissioned piece makes its way into the repertoire.

Commissioning new music can have far-reaching impact.


Any ensemble can commission new music. Don’t assume it's too expensive for your group.

While it’s true that each composer must set a fee that makes the commission worthwhile, the scope of the project and the fee involved are at the discretion of the composer. If you are interested in commissioning a piece, please reach out, so together we can discover what is possible.


You may not hear any music on this site that exactly fits the voicing or level of your ensemble. That's okay; if you like what you do hear, let’s talk.

Contact me

You can contact me with a general question through my contact page or fill out this form:

Age, level, voicing, etc.
E.g. SA with piano accompaniment, SATB a cappella, etc.
When do you want the piece to be finished?
When do you expect to perform the piece?
Do you have a particular text in mind?
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