Influences and style

With a pastor father and a church pianist mother, I grew up singing hymns at home and in church, often in harmony with my siblings. When it came to songwriting, this immersion in traditional church music merged with classical composition and influences from contemporary songwriters like Fernando Ortega and Andrew Peterson to create something I call “contemporary sacred” music. It lives between traditional sacred music and contemporary Christian music.

Having studied the Bible intensively in a three-year program after high school, I love to explore biblical texts, stories, and themes in a musical style that allows for introspection and personal consideration of the Christian faith. Some of these songs tell a Biblical story, some compile verses around a theme, some are settings of psalms, and others incorporate or reinvent a hymn. More recently, I have started writing modern hymns as well. These songs offer glimpses of my own faith journey, and I share them not to entertain, but to encourage others in their journey of personal devotion to our gracious and loving God.

It is my hope that these songs will invite each listener into peaceful reflection, participation, and worship.

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